Personal Service

Computer repair

Solving of any problems with your computer (software & hardware). We can do it quicker than you think.

Virus and Spyware removal

Computer scanning for damaging or unwanted software. We can remove malicious software and protect your computer.

Computer setup

Computer installation and reinstallation - hardware connection and customization, connection to internet, operating system and useful application installation (including firewalls and antivirus protection). Your computer will run faster than ever before.

Operating system upgrade

System upgrades for higher performance and better user experience. We give your computer a new life.

Internet connection and security

Firewalls, routers and access point configuration for better data protection and faster access to internet (WiFi and wire).

Data backup and recovery

Accidentally deleted data, photos, videos etc. is not a problem any more. We can recover your data from hard drives or flash memory, and install an automated data backup so you can feel safe.

Other software and hardware problem solving

Any other problems - mobile devices, printers, apps - just call. We can solve that as well.

Service for Businesses

Workstation services

Professional support for all computers in your office (desktops & laptops). We can fix, upgrade and install operating systems, applications and hardware.

Server services

Servers and database administration. We can support you on site and remotely. Our services are on the top for security and safety.

Advice on software choice

Good software does not necessarily mean expensive software. We can help you choose cost-effective solutions suiting your needs. We are also supporters of open source (free) solutions that meet high quality standards.

Services for all other office & mobile devices

We can help you manage printers, scanners and mobile devices.

Network services (wireless, wired, internet, LAN, WAN)

We can set up all network solutions for your office and solve any network problems (wired and wireless networks, routers, modems, access points and firewalls).

Data backup & recovery

Safety of data is most important issue for all companies. We can support your company in creating efficient backup solutions. In case you lost your data, we can also help with the data recovery.

Hosting and e-mail setup

For any kind of businesses, own domain, e-mail, web page and on line data storage is a must. We can help you to organize this from the beginning (provider choice) to the end (installing your e-mail and web page).

Web site designing and programming

The design of a business's web page and the user experience of it are one of the most important features for clients. We can design and create modern and responsive web page addressing your business offer and your clients expectations. We can also design a logo and marketing graphics.

Pricing - easy rates

We offer highly professional IT services for reasonable prices.

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